the ruth project

Thank You, Ministry Partners


Thank you, ministry partners, for funding the Ruth Project! Thank you, Dee Brestin, for using your gift to teach those behind the walls.Nearly 200 women at the Mt. View Unit participated in our first Ruth DVD Bible Study. With the leadership of Kathy and Rich Diaz, along with their well-trained team of volunteers, the inmates watched the teaching DVD and worked through lesson one of the study book. Our prayer and desire has been that this seven-week study would be relevant and produce disciples. As the women participated in the first discussion, guided by their volunteer leader, it was clear that God is answering our prayers.

Karla Faye Tucker is our example of a contemporary Ruth. She was also housed in the Mt. View unit. Karla was a woman with a painful past who was radically saved and walked with unwavering faith. She pressed through great hardship. In the time leading up to her execution, Karla became a witness to the world. Her powerful testimony continues to multiply as it is shared throughout the Ruth study. We will also use this study guide to follow up with those who read the book Karla Faye Tucker Set Free and ask for study material. Today, more than 250,000 copies are in print, and letters are received daily. Her story of faith and transformation lives on!


Thank you, ministry partners, for your faithful prayers and support for the 120 inmates in our 18-month discipleship course at Murray and Hobby units!

Many graduates are now in the prison’s general population and are holding Bible studies for their fellow inmates. The following letter is from Lori, one of our graduates. This is just one example of how God is changing lives through the Faith Dorms:

Dallas’ legacy will live on through the women in white spreading the gospel of Jesus one to another. None of us will ever be the same. During my time in the faith dorm I have learned what family really means. I’ve learned about extending mercy to myself as well as others. I’ve learned to be accountable and to never accept defeat. You have taught me that the ground is level at the foot of the cross. My goal is to love others the way you do. The entire faith based dorm team is embedded on my heart forever.

Thank you, ministry partners, for your prayers and support for Terry and Jean. We are so grateful for the fruit that Terry and Jean are seeing as God changes lives through their ministry both inside of prison walls and out. They often do Sunday services at the various units as well as orientation for the newly incarcerated women. This has been an amazing year with a packed room every Wednesday for Celebrate Recovery at Woodman State Jail. Thank you for your prayers for them as they lead these vital ministries.

Here is a letter from Tiffany, a former inmate at Woodman, who was one of their participants:

I attended Celebrate Recovery with you. I appreciate how you relate to us and understand about the importance of our children. Now that I am home I am reunited with my son. We both faithfully attend CR twice a week. Thank you!

Through your giving, DU provides books and ministry materials that are so desperately needed by those behind the walls—and God is changing lives. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. It is Jesus’ good, glad, merry news that makes us sing for joy!

The Ruth Project is Reaching Completion!



The eight teaching and testimony segments filmed live at Woodman State Jail are powerful. They are available on DVD.  Dee Brestin, best-selling author and teacher, is a captivating speaker. Terry Strom and I share our stories of redemption. Segments of Karla Faye Tucker filmed in the months before her execution challenge women to go deep in their walk with God.  Karla was redeemed by Jesus Christ, and her journey of 14 years on the row is presented as a parallel to the rescue of Ruth.

One woman who works with incarcerated women wrote:

I wept as I watched the DVD because to me it was an answered prayer, first prayed in 2001!  To have a video that relates to incarcerated women is so deeply affirming!

A study guide written by Dee will be given to each participant. The DVD sets and study guide will be completed in April. Your gifts make it possible for us to freely give study materials to those in our dorms and classes. We also plan to make this study available to pre-release centers and homeless shelters. Please pray for continued resources as we expand our vision.

Dee and I will be interviewed on Moody Radio Midday Connection March 30, at noon. Check out the program and listen in!