Announcing "The Ruth Project"

I’ve been ministering to women in prisons for nearly 35 years. Often, I have felt the need for Bible study materials written with them in mind. God has opened a door that can make this possible for women in prisons and homeless shelters throughout the world. When best-selling author Dee Brestin spoke in our faith dorm, the women expressed their deep appreciation and their desire to hear more. To my amazement, Dee agreed to write a study on the book of Ruth geared specifically for them. The women in prison identify with Ruth because:

  • Ruth was an outcast with a difficult past.

  • Ruth chose to say goodbye to her past and to cling to Naomi, who represented the family of God.

  • God did a mighty rescue of Ruth and used her mightily.

  • Karla Faye Tucker provides a contemporary parallel to Ruth, so we will use her story and videos in this curriculum.

God has provided not only Dee, but John Johns, a gifted producer who is collaborating with us, and a whole of team of volunteers to film this on September 10 and 11, 2010! We plan to provide this material to those who minister to women in such desperate need. It will include both a study guide and a video with Dee, Karla Faye, Terry Strom, myself, and testimonies from women in prison who have been rescued. While Dee and I are donating our time, it will still cost money to produce and to have the study guides printed. We are estimating $20,000 for the first printing.

Some important points:

  1. We need your prayers.

  2. Discipleship Unlimited also needs financial support for “The Ruth Project.” (You can write “Ruth Project” in the memo of your check.)