The Ruth Project is now Available!

What is the Ruth Project?

Eight teaching and testimony segments filmed live at the Woodman State Jail in Gatesville, Texas. Dee Brestin, best-selling author and teacher, is a captivating speaker, and her 20-minute teachings offer hope to women in prison longing to be free.

Why Ruth?

The women in prisons and shelters identify with Ruth because:

  • Ruth was an outcast with a difficult past.

  • Ruth chose to say goodbye to her past and cling to a new family.

  • God did a mighty rescue of Ruth and she became part of the lineage of Jesus our Savior.

Karla Faye Tucker provides a contemporary parallel to Ruth, so her testimony is woven into this material. Additionally, there are testimonies by Linda Strom and Terry Strom. A study guide on the book of Ruth is also available.

How can I help?

These materials are made possible through the generous donations of ministry partners. You may request a copy of the DVD for your donation of $30 or more to Discipleship Unlimited. You may also give a gift to help us place study guides and DVDs in women’s prisons across America.