Celebrating Another Graduation at Hilltop

The women at Hilltop Dorm have a heart for God and a teachable spirit. Kimberly Haley and Arlene Prince are mentors, and this thank you is from Kim and Arlene!

On June 24, 2018, we celebrated a joyous occasion when Discipleship Unlimited graduated another faith-based dorm class. Seven women were honored and received their diplomas. They presented speeches telling of their journey. Many tears were shed, and much laughter was shared. The glory of God was evident to all.

That Sunday morning marked another joyous occasion as well: Pastor William Taylor from Cornerstone Baptist Church preached in our Chapel. The message he delivered was awesome and perfectly ordained by God. God knew what would happen next.

Pastor Taylor finished his sermon, sat down, and as the church proceeded into the altar call, he had a heart attack and passed away. The Lord gave Pastor Taylor his last mission, and then he took him home.

For the remainder of the day and throughout graduation, we all recognized in a very real and up close wa what is most important in this life. It made our graduation day a time of reflection. We must always be prepared and willing to be a vessel that the Lord can use to reach others. It is the goal of Discipleship Unlimited, and through those of faith that message is being spread throughout the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Arlene and Kim gave the graduation address

But we have this treasure in Jars of Clay to show that this all surpassing power is from God and not from us. 2 Cor. 4:7 Have you ever seen a cracked pot shattered beyond belief or repair? Those of us behind these walls are that broken pot. As we come into contact with the word of life, either through the volunteers or a fellow traveler in the dorm or through the Holy Spirit himself, something starts to happen. Parts of the
heart come back together and begin to mend.

The bigger picture of what God is doing through Discipleship Unlimited comes into focus. Broken vessels are made into a new creation. Then they are sent out as ambassadors for Christ to gather up more pots for the kingdom. Today is a good day to be a cracked pot incarcerated in a Texas prison. Thank you, Discipleship Unlimited.

Kim and Arlene

It is a day of harvest behind these walls. We give thanks for you, our ministry partners, and prayer warriors who walk with us.

Serving the Lord with gladness!
The Discipleship Unlimited Team