One Family's Story of Redemption and Restoration

Amanda and Jeremy first told their story at Reignite. Recently, they went back to the Marlin Unit where Amanda was incarcerated. She talked to the women about the power of a praying wife. This is the story of a family ambushed by the love of God.

Amanda’s Story

I walked out the doors of TDCJ in July 2015 as a free woman. Free not only from prison, but from the bondage of addiction, bipolar disorder, and emotional baggage. I walked out with forgiveness - for those who had hurt me and for myself. Sometimes, we must get to the end of ourselves to find God is real and is the source of hope. Everything I went through served a greater purpose.

Being separated from my children and husband brought indescribable pain. I could not believe what had become of my life - OUR lives. My husband sought comfort in drugs, which then led to unfaithfulness, loss of our home, our vehicles ... and then our children were taken by CPS. I hit rock bottom. But at the bottom, I saw the light. I turned to God.

At the Marlin Unit, I went into a Faith-Based Dorm. I will never forget the first time someone prayed with me over my family. Her name was Beverly, the same name as my mom. We held hands, and she prayed for restoration of my family, protection over my children, and guidance for my husband.

I was released on July 9, 2015, to a halfway house. My children were in foster care, my husband on the streets in his addiction. My oldest daughter was living in Virginia, and my oldest son was living on his own but going down a dark path. 

Despite many challenges and hurdles, on July 22, I got to see my kids for the first time in two years. The following months were followed by supervised weekly visits, parole appointments, counseling, family therapy, random drug tests, and court dates. 

My husband came to Austin, and we began rebuilding our marriage. Working two jobs for minimal wages, we moved from a hotel into a one-bedroom apartment. Our kids were returned to us, and a year later we had a bigger apartment, newer car, and better jobs. We saw God’s faithfulness.

On August 3, 2016, our family was baptized together on our son’s birthday. He said it was the best birthday present ever! It was a picture of how great God is. He took brokenness and transformed it into beauty. He reached into the darkness and snatched me out of the grips of evil. He has given me a Discipleship Unlimited family that continues to encourage and support my walk with Him. He made good on His promises.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers. We are in awe of the movement of God. Continue to lift us up as we proclaim freedom to the captives.

Family restoration!