The Texas Heat Can't Stop His Work Inside

Summer’s here, and it’s hot in Texas! And in our faith-based dorms, with no open windows or air-conditioning, it’s hotter still. But love propels our amazing team of dedicated men and women to go and share the good news, their voices competing with industrial fans. Jesus is the only hope for incarcerated women, and how His presence is with us!

Every week, for the last 12 years, Jean and I have been doing Celebrate Recovery at Woodman State Jail, a facility that houses nearly one thousand women, most who are there for less than two years. Hundreds of women have come to know Jesus and are living free from drugs and alcohol. Now we are excited to announce the recent  opening of our seventh faith-based dorm at Woodman with 50 women.


That night of our opening, we were made aware of a big need. Cindy, one of the women, told Jean she was about to be released, but she had no money and no place to go, for her entire family lives in Oregon. Jean got to work. First, through our “Meet the Bus” program, Jean got Cindy clothing and toiletries. Now Cindy had clothes, but no place to go, and felt hopeless. Jean reached out to the director at Grace Place, a parole-approved apartment building in a Dallas suburb. We have an ongoing friendship with Grace Place, and the director made a place for Cindy, welcoming her in.

“I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me. I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” (Matt 25:35-40)

Jean and I had the opportunity to minister at Grace Place Church several weeks later. I led worship, and the women updated us. Several of our ladies are living there. Cindy has decided to stay in Texas, and her family supports her decision. She loves the fellowship and is even more settled in her faith walk. 

Worshiping at Grace Place

Please pray for additional support to meet these wonderful opportunities. We are witnessing the power of prayer along with the beauty of the body of Christ. Thank you for your partnership.

Terry and Jean