Faith-Based Dorm Update

Pam Perillo is one of several new participants in our discipleship program. I wrote about Pam in Karla Faye Tucker Set Free. I have known her since 1987 when she was on Death Row. She was Karla's precious friend. When Karla and Frances were executed, Pam was broken and became angry with God. She also suffered from survivor's guilt, as her death sentence was reversed. However, God's stubborn love continued to hound her; she applied for the faith dorm. Thursday night, we shared Karla's story in the dorm and showed the DVD of her speaking to inmates on the importance of forgiveness. Karla owned her crime, and the Lord forgave her as she repented. Then she forgave her mom and others. Karla was a Jesus-lover and a joy-bringer!

The gospel of love: to be forgiven and forgive. Women were greatly impacted, and we had a powerful night of ministry. Pam is sharing with others and trusting that God can heal her heart.

God's fingerprints are everywhere, and His power is displayed in changed hearts and lives. It is an awesome privilege to serve where Jesus serves. He goes to the least, the lost, and the lonely. Thank you for your generous giving, which enables us to move forward. He is taking ground ... lives are being transformed.

May He be glorified.