What Did God Do in the Dorm in 2015?

This was the topic of discussion the first week of 2016 in the Murray Faith Dorm. Here are some of the highlights:

“We came together in unity to pray for each other, family members, and the unit, to share in praise reports, and to celebrate birthdays and holidays.”

New participants: “We immediately sensed the Spirit of God upon entering the doors of the dorm and felt welcome.”

An inmate who was placed temporarily in our faith dorm now asks to stay:  “In the other dorms we talked about the effect of the Christmas play presented by the faith dorm and saw that if the “Grinch” could change with God’s help, we can too.  We want to be part of the dorm now.”

“An officer told me I am showing signs of God working in my life.”

What else did God do?

Linda and Sarajini

Our hearts were burdened last year when we learned that Tineshai, one of our graduates, was in hospice at Carole Young. We saw some remarkable things happen during her final days.  Her daughter began praying with one of our outside volunteers, who helped her understand her mother’s deep faith.

In our Texas City ministry, this January we learned that the warden allowed Murray graduate Sarajini to spend daily time in the hospice unit with Tineshai. They had been together at the Murray dorm and had formed a deep friendship. Each day they shared scriptures, prayed together, and cried together. The day Tineshai died, Sarajini was allowed to stay three hours to minister to her. Death, indeed, is the last enemy, and Tineshai is with her Lord.

Through your gifts and prayers God is transforming hearts for the work of the ministry. Thank you for your commitment!