We're All a Part of God's Body

I need you, you need me.
We’re all a part of God’s body.
Stand with me, agree with me.
We’re all a part of God’s body.

Lyrics from the Murray Faith Dorm theme song by Hezekiah Walker


As believers in Jesus, we are blessed to be one body composed of many parts, which feels the joys and sorrows of each part. This has been the experience of the Murray Faith Based Dorm this summer.

Stand With Me

Mardie giving her graduation testimony

We rejoiced in July over the seventh graduation at Murray, DU’s original faith-based dorm. As the 23 graduates were commissioned, they became part of 139 graduates that have been sent out from this dorm to live out what God has done.

As Mardie said in her testimony about her time in the dorm, “I fell in love with Jesus and everything changed.” We ended the ceremony with current dorm members, graduates still inside the fences, and volunteers standing in a circle while joining hands to sing our theme song.

Anabel and Nellie together on the outside

Agree With Me

We rejoiced again in August to have Anabel, a Lane Murray graduate, be the first to return to the unit as a state-approved volunteer with the Bridges to Life study. She is able to encourage the ladies still incarcerated in the dorm to agree that God wants to use them in His plans also.

I Need You, You Need Me

Edrena and Tinesha at Carole Young Medical Facility

We wept together recently as we continue to mourn the loss of Tinesha, another Lane Murray graduate, after a valiant fight with cancer. Her desire was to use the messages in her journals to encourage others in their journeys.

“The strength I’m experiencing as I go through this was cultivated in the faith-based dorm.  Everything I went through there was preparing me for where I am now. Everything.” She closed this with “All is well,” even as she faced death while still incarcerated.

You are a part of the body that is enabling these miracles as you participate in the ministry of Discipleship Unlimited. Thank you for making it possible for God’s body to flourish.