"Hannah's Gift" and the Heartache of Separation

Memory books created by Murray women for their children.

One of the greatest heartaches for incarcerated women is being separated from their children and knowing, often, that they are in less-than-positive environments. “Hannah’s Gift” is a module that is seeking to minister to these women and is a key part of Discipleship Unlimited.

Hannah, we are told in 1 Samuel, was a woman of prayer who not only was healed of her barrenness, but also had to trust that God would watch over her son in a dubious environment. Eli the Priest failed as a father and also had two wicked sons. Yet Samuel became a mighty man of God.

Hannah’s prayers made the difference, and the more than 100 women in DU who have graduated from “Hannah’s Gift” are seeing that their prayers make a difference. This curriculum is designed to heal and strengthen the family unit.

Letters of encouragement are written during class to encourage family members on the outside. Our volunteers minister love and support as incarcerated women work through broken relationships and discover the biblical plan for motherhood.

Lisa’s Story: Hope and Restoration

When I heard about Hannah’s Gift I had so many mixed feelings. I was scared and ashamed of the hurts I have caused my children. I was also worried as I had not seen or heard from my two youngest boys for over two years. My husband took them to Mexico where I could not contact them.

Since coming to the faith-based dorm, I’ve asked volunteers to pray for their safe return. The volunteers encouraged me to write the boys even if they couldn’t receive the letters. We would trust that in time they would.

We began to pray, and the week we started Hannah’s gift my children were returned to my Mother. My prayers were answered, and my youngest boys are safe.

Then my oldest son began answering my letters. He said he felt responsible for not protecting me. Through letters we were able to work things through and he is no longer carrying a burden. He understands that he is not responsible for my mistakes. He sent a beautiful graduation picture and I am so proud of the man he is becoming. My mom is planning to bring my younger boys for a visit.