A Conversation With Terry and Jean

Nine years ago, in the fall of 2005, Terry and Jean joined Dallas and me in ministry in Texas. In 2008, Dallas went to be with the Lord. Looking back we can see how God was preparing us for His purposes. Passion is birthed and forged in pain.

What is your main focus?

Jean: We want to reach as many as possible. Terry and I minister to the new women coming into the system at Woodman State Jail and the Marlin Unit who are fearful, and yet want to change. We coordinate the dorm at Marlin and offer recovery classes and Bible studies, and we encourage them to get into the Faith Dorms. Fear seems to dissipate when Terry leads in worship – it changes the whole atmosphere.

What is the biggest challenge in prison work?

Jean: Learning to “expect the unexpected" and accept it with grace. It can be very challenging from week to week as things can change daily.

TerryI’ve had to learn a whole new level of trust to keep stepping out of my comfort zone. We want to focus on joining God in what He is already doing, whether it is in teaching, leading worship or walking with new volunteers.

What are some of the highlights over the past nine years, and what gives you the most joy?

Jean: I love watching people of all walks of life and different denominations come together with one common goal: to reach those behind prison walls. Some of our volunteers are ex-offenders. When they tell their story, it’s different. They’ve been there. I also look forward to my spiritual advisor meetings with death row inmate Brittany Holberg. This past year two of our death row women were executed. This forced us to go deeper in our walk with Jesus.

Terry: Another highlight for us is seeing families reunited and watching the women support each other when they are released. Not everyone who gets out has an easy road, but they are there to encourage each other and pray. Wow! It’s a powerful ministry.

How can people pray for you?

Terry and Jean:  December is our most-exciting and challenging month. We coordinate volunteer teams to go cell to cell with gift bags of shampoo, candy bars and devotionals. We pray with thousands of inmates. Christmas parties are given for our correctional officers. The Correctional officers love Bibles. Several received their first Bible last year. Pray for energy and for grace! Also please continue to pray for the financial support as we continue in this time of growth.

Giving Him thanks for you!