Graduation Celebrations

There were 26 official graduates at Murray and 20 graduates at Mountain View this month. Each graduate spoke with great insight and poise about their time in the dorm and how God has taught them to focus on Him. There was lots of laughter and tears. Linda and the team commissioned them as they were “sent out.” Now it was time to live out in the other prison dorms what they had learned. It is amazing to visibly see the changes God has made in their lives! God is so good! Thank you,

Edrena Smith, Coordinator, Murray Dorm

Bill and Beth Buhl, Mountain View Dorm

Equipping and releasing the people of God!

Barbara Martin started journaling after joining the Mountain View team. (Portion from her journal for our graduates).

So put on the armor of Christ every day,

Give Him your heart and constantly pray,

For Jesus your friend is not far away.

And when you return to the other dorm,

Pray for those who would do you harm.

You are Jesus’ disciples with a new job to do,

And remember He loves and watches over you.

Though it’s sad for us to see you depart,

We will never forget you. You remain in our hearts.

From Louanne, a Mountain View graduate

Thank you for the praise and worship music, the studies, counseling, true friendship and showing us by your example how the body of Christ functions. My relationship with the Lord has grown beyond anything I could ever imagine. I’ve learned to surrender my family, friends and myself to God. His will for them is even greater than anything I could ever think of. I learned how to pray more freely and how to change my attitude and view of God, others and myself. It would take a book to write all the benefits this program offers. It has helped me more then words can say.

God has opened wide the prison doors for us and provided gifted volunteers. And ministry partners are providing prayers and finances. Thank you for giving to the Lord.


Linda The Discipleship Unlimited staff and volunteers