Thank You for Giving to the Lord!

Through your faithful prayers and generous support of Discipleship Unlimited we have witnessed God at work in amazing ways in 2012.Lives were changed at our prison outreaches.

  • Carole Young Unit in Texas City in January
  • Mountain View, Hilltop and Hilltop Trusty units in February and December
  • Woodman State Jail in April and November

Through your faithful prayers and generous support Discipleship Inlimited launched two more Faith Based Dorms this year!

  • Mountain View in January
  • Hilltop in October

Graduations were held at Murray and Hobby Faith Based Dorms.

  • There is a deep gratitude from the women for their books and materials
  • Speakers who come to provide training leave inspired by their hungry hearts

Through your faithful prayers and generous support God has raised upmore wonderful volunteers!

  • Last year we had our first Reignite Retreat!
  • Volunteers and those who have participated in our Faith Based Dorms were reunited.
  • Stories were shared and there was an outpouring of love.

What JOY to witness freedom on the inside! And then to be reunited and free on the outside of the fences is exhilarating. Everyone was energized by the witness of God’s grace and Faithfulness.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and generous support! You are our ministry partners!


You Minister As You Go

It was an early morning after a late night. I was getting ready to go into prison to minister. We had stayed up most of the night ministering to a new team member and I looked the part—eyes puffy and body weary. I heard myself whisper, “I am going to prison to minister?” The Lord spoke to me deep within, “You don’t go to minister; you minister as you go.” Team ministry is ministry as we go. It takes longer to establish, but you go further and have a longer-lasting ministry. Jesus sent his followers out “two by two”. It has been said He did that because He knew they would not go out one by one.

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But I believe it was much more than that. As we minister as a team, we are transformed. Team members see our strengths and our weaknesses. We pray for and support each other through difficulties. We learn to tap into the giftedness of our fellow team members. We become a community of believers on the move … the church without walls.

DU is an exercise machine for the body of Christ. We have nearly 200 active volunteers from various churches in Central Texas. There is a Friday night men’s group that goes to the Hughes Unit. Afterward, on most Friday nights you will find a table of six to nine men at Prima Pasta in Gatesville, breaking bread together and talking about the wonders God is doing through their Experiencing God small group studies in this tough, sweltering-hot prison.

Behind these walls of prison we are seeing scars turned into stars … both inmates and volunteers! Building community both inside and out … only GOD!!! I had a phone call from one of our faithful team members who has been leading Breaking Free in the prison. I loved her words …

God took me to prison as a volunteer teacher and leader to deliver me from bondage I have been walking with all my life.

WOW! No wonder we are commanded to go. Often inmates comment on the love they see between our team members. Jesus said that the world would know us by our love …

Your support enables this work to be multiplied over and over again. We thank you for your partnership with us. You are a vital part of this movement.