The Power of Prayer

As many of you know, I grew up in a homewhere there was constant chaos and fighting. My teen years were very turbulent. I carried heavy baggage with me on each long step of my journey. I did not have the courage or faith to embrace hope. However, during my childhood days, I had a grandmother who believed God and prayed for me daily. She spoke these words of faith into my broken heart.

One day you will grow up and you will become a missionary. You will travel to Africa and tell people about Jesus.


The miracle is that God brought me out of darkness into His marvelous light. He has also sent me to Africa. The sorrow of my past has become an instrument of healing for others.

We have a Redeemer. Thank you for your prayers. They are a huge support and encouragement to me!

Prayer Requests

  • Alpha has asked Terry to test-pilot a new recovery program for them! He is teaching the material on Wednesday nights at Woodman State Jail.
  • Woodman Outreach! Four-day outreach at Woodman, November 3-6.
  • The worship team.
  • Nancy Grisham as she comes to teach.
  • Many volunteers who will go out into population to minister to the 800 women housed there.
  • Jesus to set the captives free!