Celebrate Recovery Stories

We've got mail!


“As one of the girls in the faith based dorms it is easy to say that the Strom family and the love of Jesus that shines through them not only made my time meaningful but changed my life. My family is whole again and I am still drug free. I have been home 18 months. Tell Jake that what he is doing is more powerful then any of us can imagine.”


"I did 8 months at Woodman and have been home two years now. I was desperate to get to Terry to ask him where I could go for help. He gave me information and now I am in a great church and God is the biggest part of my life. I have full custody of both my children. Terry and Jean helped me get started and stay with God. Thank you so much for what you do.”

What an inspiration these women of faith are! Thank you ministry partners for standing with us. Your prayers and support enable us watch God bring beauty out of ashes.