The Lord Gave Wings To Our Prayers!

Linda Strom with Lori Davis

Our first Re-entry module has impacted over 2,000 women in prisons and Reentry facilities in several states. The feedback has been extremely positive. September is the launching of our next two Reentry modules on Relationships and Finance. These studies correspond with topical videos: interviews of women who have been incarcerated but are now in the free world. They share their successes and struggles hoping to encourage and prepare other women upon release. We prayed for an endorsement from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. God has answered our prayers. He is multiplying our mustard seed of faith.

Lori Davis was Warden at the Lane Murray Unit in 2008. Murray is where our first Faith Dorm of 56 women is located. She was a huge encouragement in those early Faith Dorm years. In God’s sovereignty, she is now the Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institutions Division. Director Davis wrote a positive endorsement of our program, stating how our programs are showing “tangible benefits in helping to reduce recidivism rates.”

Not only did she give us an endorsement but along with it came an invitation. Texas Department of Criminal Justice asked us to work hand and hand with TDCJ’s pilot Reentry program: STRIVE. (Strength Through Restoration, Independence, Vision, Empowerment). It is a huge honor.

Pray for us as we step into new territory.

Arlene a mentor in our Hilltop Faith Dorm:

“Being able to participate in the Reentry study has given me the opportunity to establish more of an intimate relationship with Jesus and others. It has helped me see that I CAN do this. I might have struggles, but as I have learned from those who have already walked the road, I can persevere and be successful in His time.”

God is doing amazing things in the lives of our women both inside and out. We are asking Him to give wings to our material to bring hope to those behind the walls.

Deb Gore and Jeremy Little

Jeremy and his wife G.G. are part of our reentry team.

How God has blessed us with gifted women like Deb Gore (writing the workbooks, interviewing and editing the DVD’s…). Deb spent several years donating her time because of her passion to empower women. Our materials are paid for by our ministry partners, therefore we have the freedom to share Biblical truths. We are on the edge of adventure, but we need additional support to provide for women who cannot provide for themselves. Please pray about your involvement and then take a few minutes to see our brief promo video on our website at

You are the wind beneath our wings as you pray and give.

Rejoicing in His Grace and Love
Linda and the DU staff and volunteers

Gary and Bev DeSalvo:

Our Pastor Gary DeSalvo finished his race August 26 after a 6-year battle with cancer. Gary was a wonderful friend, advisor and encourager who was always ready for an adventure. Bev serves on our board.

Bev’s quote: “Gary saw the face of Jesus and it took his breath away. Love healed him!”