Reflections of Reignite 2019

Re∙ig∙nite – ignite or cause to ignite again

Karen and Carla

Each year, the alumni from Discipleship Unlimited Faith Dorms gather for a weekend retreat in Brownwood, Texas. We welcome those who have been released for just a few months along with those who were released as much as 10 years ago. Together, as iron sharpens iron, we reignite the flame that began in hearts during their darkest days. Carla Hooton, Reentry Coordinator, and her team of volunteers work diligently throughout the year to prepare the way for all to come together.

And what a weekend it is! How the Holy Spirit moves in worship, in testimonies of God’s goodness, and in our prayers for one another. How encouraging it is to hear all that God has done over the past year in the lives of our sisters.

Ministering to these women to reignite the flame is representative of the mission of Discipleship Unlimited. Our ministry is so much more than just going behind the walls and teaching, it is encouraging the women to have meaningful Christ-centered relationships for the rest of their lives, wherever they are. It is caring for one another and challenging one another to become all Christ wants us to be.

Much happens through mentoring. My friend Win Couchman explained mentoring like this:

Upon leaving my daughter’s new home one evening, I realized fog had settled in. I could barely see the road in front of me. Then a car pulled out in front of me, and the driver was familiar with the road. As I followed the tail lights, I avoided the ditch and arrived at my destination sooner.

Lisa and Sarah at Lifeway Haven

Lisa Eichinger was those “tail lights” for Sarah (Woodman). Lisa is familiar with the road of Reentry. She graduated in May with honors from MCC. She is a life coach at Tree House Farms, a treatment facility.

Sarah heard Lisa speak when she came into Woodman. Then they reconnected at Lifeway Haven. Lisa is five years down the road of Reentry, and Sarah is gaining wisdom from her.

Destany was released from Murray this year. Currently, she is in the apprenticeship program at Lifeway Haven. Kim, a Murray volunteer, continues to walk alongside Destany, mentoring her.

Destany’s report:

Reignite was a great weekend for me. I had only been out of Murray for a month, so this was all new to me. But I saw volunteers who had impacted my life in prison and spent time with other women who have known the grace of God. I truly came away a different person than when I arrived. Thank you, DU, for giving us this opportunity to stay connected and to share our stories. I look forward to sharing with everyone what God will continue to do over the next year.

It is thrilling for us to see ministry multiplying. We thank you for your gifts and prayers which enable us to continue to step out into the deep.

Thank you for your generosity.

Discipleship Unlimited staff and volunteers