When Parole Is Granted - And When Parole Is Denied

When Parole Is Granted – The Joy! The Celebration of Sisters!

Here are excerpts from Brittany’s letter:

God’s timing is always so perfectly ordained. As you know, I graduated from Mountain View’s Faith Dorm on Sunday and was commissioned to go share my faith and testimony. On Monday night, I was awakened at 11:00 p.m. to be transferred.

I kept telling my sisters in the dorm who were celebrating for me, ”No,” it’s not time. I’m just being transferred to a different dorm, for I knew the magnitude of what I did when I drank and drove that night. But at that gate, I found they were taking me to an exit dorm!

I had several heart attacks but mostly could not stop praising Jesus! I cried and cried on the bus ride to the exit program, and the words to “Reckless Love” played in my mind as I got to see homes, towns, people, babies – and life without fences, for the first time in years.

I know it is His GRACE and MERCY … a miracle and an answer to my sweet four-year-old Eli’s prayer, “I want my mommy to come home now!” I want to thank you all for the time, effort, and agape love … you will never know the impact you had on me until the day Jesus reveals it to you.

When Parole Is Denied – The Trust! The Way God Uses It for Sisters!

Here is how Carmen’s trust impacted Wonder:

When Wonder came to prison, she was there to “keep her head down” and serve her time. She read her Bible but explains it was “for the wrong reasons.” She mostly read it for the stories. Yet when Carmen saw her reading it, she suggested Wonder apply to the Faith Dorm. Wonder was hesitant but had noticed “something different” about Carmen.

That really became evident the day Carmen was denied parole. Instead of responding negatively, as most women do, Carmen told Wonder she thought God was keeping her there to “get Wonder right with God.” At that point, Wonder applied to the Faith Dorm, was accepted, and gave her life to Christ. When she stood on the stage at graduation, she told Carmen through tears, “You can go home now. Your work is done.”

Carmen also told us that her mom was a Christian, but she had never wanted anything to do with her “mom’s God.” All that has changed, Carmen was granted parole, and she has prayed to make it home to her mom, who is critically ill, and show her how much Jesus has changed her life. Carmen and Wonder have an eternal friendship that is a direct product of Jesus’s redeeming love and Discipleship Unlimited.

Your prayers, your giving, and your support are making an eternal difference in so many lives.

Thank you for giving to the Lord.

The Stroms and the Discipleship Unlimited team