He is Risen! Happy Easter from Discipleship Unlimited

Rae and Lillian: Inside Missionaries Behind the Walls

Hobby Women’s Correctional houses nearly 1400 female inmates. In the middle of Hobby is a beacon of light. It’s the Faith Dorm with 63 women studying the word and seeking God.

Leslie, alive in Christ

Leslie, one of our Faith Dorm participants, received a major case against her (given by an officer for violating one of the written policies of the prison or creating a disturbance). This resulted in her removal from the program plus being moved to Two Building where women are locked two in a cell, and many of those women are angry and hurting. This is not a place anyone would choose to go. That is why what happened next amazed us.

The women in the faith dorm were praying earnestly for Leslie when two of our past graduates who’ve been functioning as inmate mentors in the dorm volunteered to move into that area of the prison. Rae and Lilliana have set their hearts on serving God regardless of the cost. Nellie, our dorm coordinator, shared their vision with the warden, who then approved their move. It is already reaping dividends.

Pray for Lillian and Rae - Missionaries

Leslie is meeting with them for prayer and study. She is gifted in arts and crafts and is surrounded and approached by others asking questions about God. Now all three have His powerful presence. Why would anyone volunteer to move into Two Building? The love of God compelled them. The warden has also arranged for Nellie to be able to minister to the women in Two Building. In fact, she wants to have more faith-based dorms in Hobby.

He is Risen ... He is Risen Indeed!

Celebration of the resurrection!

Worship is very powerful in prison. It is a visual reminder of the victory of the cross. On Easter we will be at Woodman State Jail. Service is held outside in the yard with more than 500 women in white. Hands will be lifted high in praise.

For security reasons, everyone must be seated. But there is a widespread passion, and it is contagious. Our family ministers together there each year. I count it pure joy to be able to worship with Terry, Jean, and Jake and to declare Christ’s victory over sin and death. We are in God’s freedom yard!

Blessed Easter. He is risen indeed!

Your prayers and support are a constant reminder of His abundant love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.