Love Came Down and Changed Everything!

Sharing the Gift of Jesus, Our Savior!

Fran Turner

Fran Turner spent 26 years in prison. This year, she is celebrating her ninth Christmas outside prison walls. While serving time, her life was transformed by the love and forgiveness of Jesus. She was studying the Bible and letting her time serve her in amazing ways. She was free on the inside and enjoying wonderful Christian fellowship.

Now, she testifies to Jesus, setting captives free both inside and outside prison walls. He is always greater. Fran’s greatest joy is walking in the forgiveness of Jesus and sharing the good news!

The Gift Goes On!

Laura Weaver, Substance Abuse Counselor - San Angelo

I have always believed in the Lord, but I put everything else before Him; I was not drawing close. Then I went to prison for four years. My free will put me in there, but God turned it into something wonderful.

People came to guide me into a close relationship with God. Terry and Jean came every week to teach Celebrate Recovery. They showed me so much love. More Discipleship Unlimited volunteers came to the Faith Dorm, and through them, I felt Christ’s love for me. They helped me see and believe I could do more with my life.

I left prison and went back to college and became a substance abuse counselor. My hope is that I can give back to people what was freely given to me by Discipleship Unlimited: hope and the love of Christ.

And the Gift Goes On and On and On!

Your partnership and prayers enable us to carry His love to those who desperately need grace and mercy.

Thank you for your love and faithfulness.

Merry Christmas to You All!

The Discipleship Unlimited staff and volunteer team