You Rescued Me

Repeatedly the women in our Celebrate Recovery groups request the song "You Rescued Me," singing out with all their hearts and souls:

You rescued me and picked me up
A living hope of grace revealed
A life transformed in righteousness
Oh Lord you have rescued me

Weekend Panel

Jean and I participated in a weekend where women on the outside come back into prison, some to the very prison in which they were housed. They share their stories and answer questions on the challenges of the transition to the outside. All the women on the panel have been rescued and breathe hope into their sisters. 

A Living Hope

Sharon is a Jesus follower!

Sharon had been an elementary school teacher before prison. While in our Hilltop Faith Dorm she was a mentor to the younger women and modeled spiritual principles. She was the prison choir director. Sharon served people in prison.

Upon release, she needed a new career. So she went to work at Goodwill. Now she is teaching job skills and other classes to those who are struggling to survive. She is an example of someone really free, whether inside or out. She is a living hope of grace revealed. 

A Life Transformed

He rescued me from my powerful enemy.
From my foes, who were too strong for me.
— Psalm 18:17

Mary was abused by her stepfather and rejected by her Mother. At 41, she was in prison on five DUI charges. She shared at our Marlin Celebrate Recovery group:

I am in the Faith Based Dorm. CR is giving me the tools to work out my recovery and my salvation. I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God. After 29 years of not speaking with my Mom, the Lord is restoring our relationship. I’ve forgiven both my mom and my stepdad because without forgiveness I will stay in bondage. I only went to third grade. With my new friends I am learning to read and write. Now I read my Bible every day and God speaks to me through His word and prayer.  

We are WOWED as we continue to lead celebrate recovery at Marlin-Hilltop Trusty and Woodman. Truly God is changing lives. We are also involved in CR at Heights Baptist Church on Wednesday night. The church is feeding and reaching out to the homeless as well as welcoming the women and men as they come out of prison. Several of our ladies from prison have spoken at CR at Heights Baptist and Temple Bible. 

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to tell the good news. He rescues us and sets us free!

Terry and Jean Strom and the DU staff and volunteers