Christmas Miracles at Woodman

Shampoo is a luxury, and we knew it would be a Christmas gift that would bless each woman in white at Woodman. But when we arrived in Gatesville at noon to pick up the 800 bottles, there was a mix-up. No shampoo! It hadn’t come and wasn’t going to come. We felt like we had hit a wall, for the Warden expected us to deliver our gifts at 4 p.m. Every gift bag has to be exactly the same, and for us to find 800 bottles of shampoo all alike would be a true Jesus miracle. But Tracy McCrea would not give up. She explained our dilemma to Michael Wiley at H-E-B. He offered to drive his truck five hours to deliver shampoo at 10:30 p.m. to the prison.

  • Miracle 1: Michael made the offer, and the Warden agreed!
  • Miracle 2: She had officers at the gate at 10:30 p.m. to help Michael off-load.
  • Miracle 3: At 8 a.m., all was ready. It was our Christmas miracle and a wonderful teaching tool.

It became so much more than shampoo.

  • It increased our faith.
  • It showed the women an example of Godly men who serve sacrificially.
  • It showed how God longs to give us the desires of our heart.
  • It showed us the truth of Immanuel – He is with us.

So the workers went into the Woodman State jail covered in prayers and carrying the joy of the Lord to every dorm and every cell. The women were given the gift of shampoo, a devotional book, and a candy bar – but most importantly, an opportunity to hear of the greatest gift the world has ever known.

Our time was limited, so we just asked the question, “Anyone want to get to know Jesus?” or “Do you need prayer?” Our officers were hand chosen by God and were very sensitive to our mission.

We also conducted six worship services. They were filled to capacity and God displayed his power in each one. On Saturday night when the women were asked to raise their hand if they wanted to fully surrender to Jesus, everyone responded. It was a holy moment. Breathtaking! How He loves those behind the walls.