God Makes Friends of Enemies

Jennifer is our newest participant in the Hilltop faith-based Dorm and tells this miracle story:

When I was arrested, I was placed in a two person cell with a girl who was my enemy on the streets. Someone handed me a “Karla Faye Tucker Set Free” book. I got on my bunk and quietly read.

After a while, my cellmate asked me what I was reading. I told her and said, “Why don’t you request a copy?” After a long silence she said, “I can’t read.” So I read it to her. We read it together all the way through. Then she asked if I would read it again. So we read it through twice. After we finished it the second time, we were friends. Then she said she’d like to try to read Karla’s story herself, if I could help her to learn to read.

So Jennifer taught her to read, and God made friends of enemies.