Another Trip to South Africa


I am packing for my seventh trip to South Africa and have started the countdown. I arrive in Cape Town on August 3 and return home on August 28. Mike and Edrena Smith will come to minister alongside, and you can follow our adventure through the Discipleship Unlimited Facebook page.One of the highlights will be going back into Mannenburg Township. This township is a dangerous area, and we will spend the day going out to their homes and ministering in the streets. Toward evening, the children and adults will be invited to church for safety and to hear of a powerful, loving God.

I will tell of the transformation of Karla Faye Tucker. Karla’s background, like theirs, was disastrous; her crime, violent and horrendous. But her story is one of redemption. She is an example of God’s amazing grace. Forgiveness is woven throughout her journey.

She lived 14 years on Texas death row as a free woman. She called it “Life Row,” as she knew where she was headed and had hope. Her story gives courage to those in crime-infested areas. Some of these young people have been harmed by life, and others have seen loved ones killed before their eyes. Life for them is uncertain and fragile and their hearts are longing for freedom.

Pray for our outreach in Mannenburg on August 25. Jesus sets us free to live and has taken the sting out of death. He is the gift that gives and gives and gives. Please pray for Jesus to heal and deliver broken people.

"God’s a safe house for the battered, a sanctuary during bad times, the moment you arrive, you relax; you’re never sorry you knocked."

Psalm 9:9-10, The Message

"Now thanks be to God for His Gift, {precious} beyond telling — His indescribable, inexpressible, free gift."2 Cor. 9:15, Amplified Bible


We will spend Monday, August 20, through Wednesday, August 22, ministering in a town called Wellington. Andrew Murray, a great man of prayer who lived 200 years ago, served 30 years as a pastor in that town. He started a Bible School ,and we will partner with the students who are part of a prison ministry. Edrena will help with curriculum.

There are young men in Wellington prison who had never heard the gospel. They are from the 10/40 window in Northern Africa. Their lives have been transformed. I witnessed it on my previous trip. Now they are becoming disciples and are being prepared to go back to their countries as missionaries.

Andrew Murray had a passion for the Great Commission, and he knew how to move the hands of God in prayer. With the eyes of my heart I see the hand of God stretching over the years and the miles and allowing us to partner with Him. How awesome is that?!

Our faithful staff and team will be hard at work here in Texas. The dorms are going fantastic. Terry and Jean start a new class of Celebrate Recovery in August, and our Chapel classes are filled to the brim.

We thank you for your partnership with us. Your prayers and gifts are greatly appreciated.