Faith Dorms Across Texas

The State of Texas has opened the door for every prison to have a faith-based dorm! They have seen evidence of the e ectiveness of God’s Word through changed lives. There are more than 160,000 inmates in Texas prisons. What a day this is for the body of Christ — the prison doors are open!

Discipleship Unlimited Faith Dorms

Our First Dorm: Murray

We started Murray Faith Based Dorm nearly five years ago. It has been a long and — at times — a painful process. However, the results have been amazing!

  • We continue to provide programming, curriculum, and interactive small groups.
  • Five of our graduates are now mentors in the faith-based dorm and are modeling discipleship.
  • Other graduates are leading studies in the general population.
  • Graduates who have been released are staying in touch with us and serving God in the local church and other ministries.
  • The success of the faith-dorm graduates is evidence that God’s Word accomplishes His purposes. See a three-minute KSAT ABC news program of the dorm in action.

Our Second Dorm: Hobby

Hobby was our second dorm and has been up and running for more than two years.

  • 62 women are in the discipleship program.
  • We have graduated one class.
  • Graduates are involved in ministry on the inside and outside of prison walls.
There will soon be even more women of faith out in the general population. Opportunity and challenge abounds, as there are more 2,600 women housed in just the Murray and Hobby prisons.

Steps of Faith

The ministry of Discipleship Unlimited is exploding with opportunities as never before. God is doing a big work! We now have 160 active volunteers who are regularly serving in the prisons.

Now we are stepping out to start NEW faith dorms at Mountain View Unit and Hilltop. We will provide books, videos, teachers, programming, and leadership. God is expanding our tent pegs!

Apart from your generous giving, we could never do this. You are joining the Lord in His ministry of setting captives free. Thank you from our staff, ministry team, and the men and women in white.

Only Christ offers the hope of true forgiveness. He is life. I will declare His glory!