The latest from Woodman

We had a four-day retreat at Woodman State Jail this past weekend. Jake, Dave, and I led worship as Charla Pereau told miracle stories from her life. God gave Charla a vision to reach out to those who are left on the garbage dumps of Mexico. She shared of her dyslexia and her feeling of inadequacy. Yet she obeyed. Now more than 200 orphans are cared for by the ministry she started, called Foundation for His Ministry. She spoke of the joy in reaching out to the homeless and sick. Her ministry is reaching into the prisons of Mexico and they are doing child evangelism for the children of inmates. The Woodman women related to her stories of children being abandoned and abused. They received hope and faith as she told of the amazing provision and protection of God. Some of our women in prison came to faith in Christ! Others received hope. But all of us became more aware of the greatness and the power of God. He is awesome and He is doing a mighty work in the prisons here. We are blessed to be a part of it.

By God's Direction

On Saturday, Feb. 12, 23 volunteers went in to Woodman State Jail for a cell-to-cell outreach. Along with regular Discipleship Unlimited volunteers, there were several students from Sam Houston State University and two of Charla Pereau’s ministry team. We were blessed to be able to encourage the believers and seekers in the dorms and hand out Charla’s book, Charla’s Children. Two of the university women were able to lead one of the ladies in the unclassified section to Christ. Corrine Ehrick, Charla’s friend, by God’s direction was in a dorm with a Spanish-speaking inmate and was able to share God’s love with her and lead her to Christ!